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In order to maximize use of existing infrastructure Baikonur Cosmodrome, to ensure minimum costs and timing of construction of the SLC «Baiterek» Kazakh and Russian experts in 2008, conducted reconnaissance work at the spaceport and developed engineering and analytical paper «Prospects for the SLC «Baiterek». According to the results of these works is determined that placement of the launch complex SLC «Baiterek» on pl. 250 (UKSS), instead of the previously planned Sq. 40, is the most rational and economically justified.

Transition from IP № 40 Sq. 200 for a universal set of stand-start (UKSS) sites 250 and 250A (with which was previously carried out missile launch vehicle «Energy» with the orbital ship Buran) would avoid time-consuming dismantling launch and other facilities, as well as the use of existing facilities.