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Prospects for the development of space rocket complex «Baiterek» 

As the next stage of development of SLC «Baiterek» planned to use as part of the CBC booster for cryogenic propellants — OHUS (oxygen-hydrogen upper stage)

Suggestions for further development of space rocket complex «Baiterek»
ELV «Angara-AZP» with a reusable manned spacecraft
Starting weight ~ 480t
Payload mass: a low circular orbit -14.6 m
Purpose: Use in manned space programs:

  • the first phase of IPC-type TCS;

  • the second stage -with the orbital plane

Technical and launch site, the creation of the program «Baiterek», used with minor modifications. To ensure the sustainability of the program launches spacecraft with ELV «Angara-A5» and «Angara-AZP» should consider creating a second launch pad.

Possible directions for proper use ELV «Angara-AZP»

Inferring future manned space ship for delivery to the ISS crew of 6–8 people.

Inferring cargo spacecraft for delivering payloads to the ISS.

Deriving the spacecraft to be delivered to Earth orbit crews in the performance of programs on the Exploration and Use of the Moon and to implement the manned Mars mission. Inferring manned spacecraft for various tasks e autonomous flight, including the commercial programs (space tourism). The main characteristics of ELV «Angara-AZP» correspond to the basic characteristics of the basic ELV «Angara-AZ».

ELV «Angara-AZ» refined the requirements of suitability for the launches of reusable manned spacecraft.

Manned space rocket complex «Angara-AZP and IPC can be created with the equity participation of Russia, Kazakhstan and Germany.