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Breakthrough technological capabilities of the SLC «Baiterek» with application, a Russian ELV «Angara», and potentially create a strong commercial competitiveness of the complex in accordance with the trend of the market launches of spacecraft and payload. According to the draft of ELV «Angara» will be able to remove the payload for all of the required height, with all the angles of deviation that would address a wide range of tasks in the interests of economy, defense and national security, and strengthen its competitiveness in the future in the global space market.

The family of launch vehicles Angara

The family of launch vehicles «Angara» — a new generation of carriers on the basis of universal rocket module with oxygen-kerosene engine. The family of launch vehicles, Angara includes carriers from mild to severe grades in the range of capacity from 1.5 tons to 30 tons in low Earth orbit (LEO). Creating SLC «Baiterek» envisages the construction of launch and technical complexes on the basis of ground space infrastructure of the Baikonur cosmodrome. At the site decommissioned pad № 40 for ELV «Proton» will construct a new launch system with a universal launch pad, which enables one launcher to start the entire family of launch vehicles «Angara».

Description of booster

Power and performance ELV boosters «Angara» are on a level which would compete with international best practice rocket and space technology.
Widespread use of unification, along with the use of advanced production technology, will provide a lower — compared to similar missiles of the world — the cost of payload in a wide range of orbits.

Universal rocket module component-O2 kerosene is a complete structure, consisting of oxidizer and fuel tanks, connected by spacers, and the engine compartment.

Each module is equipped with a universal one powerful liquid ELV engine RD-191.

RD-191 is created based on quad engines used in booster «Energy» and is now applied engine for EKV «Zenit» (RD 170, 171).

As part of launch vehicles an easy class, Angara 1.1 and 1.2 «uses a single universal module, consisting of a heavy launch vehicle class (A5) is used five universal modules.

As an upper-stage rocket for an easy class, Angara 1.1 „is used booster block“ Breeze-KM 'last flight test in the conversion booster „Rokot“, and ELV „Angara-A5“ — Upper Stage Breeze-M» and the OHUS.