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April 12, 1961 for all of us, the inhabitants of planet Earth, will forever remain a common day of humanity’s break into space, it is no wonder that it was named as the World Day of Aviation and Astronautics.

The calendar of the independent Kazakhstan, as, perhaps, and many other countries — participants of spaceflight, there is no national day of space exploration.

But this day, when the state first sent into space a citizen becomes a historical date, the beginning of space annals of the country.

The history of Kazakhstan’s independence began with the history of Kazakhstan’s space program, and it is a symbolic fact.

Steps of Kazakhstan, made over the past 15 years in space, like space turn around the Earth. Ahead of our country to new heights above the Earth, where in its very heart — Jer kindigi — is taking root mighty Baiterek — Space Tree of Kazakhstan.

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan,
Nursultan Nazarbayev

Quote from «Cosmic Tree Kazakhstan — Baiterek in the book «Kazakhstan’s way», pp. 331